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This notice is about a stock sale promotion under SEC Regulation D, Rule 506c, by Amelox Corp., a Delaware Corporation, via a SAFE instrument.
SAFE stands for "Simple Agreement for Future Equity" and is akin to Convertible Debt Notes, but simpler. Under Regulation D, Regulation 506c, the rights to Amelox Corp. shares can be sold to verified investors, but the conversion to stock cannot proceed until the SEC gives its OK.  Amelox Corp. envisions the SEC to issue such an OK about one to two years later.

Buy lowest, sell high. In this solicitation, SAFE notes are sold at a discounted price of US$5.00 each for a possible gain of 20% when stock is offered at $6.00 per share on the open market.

This is a limited time offer, good only until all offered 2.5 million shares are sold, or December 31, 2018, whatever comes first. So don’t delay, success does not wait, order now.

Five years from now you probably wished you had acted on this offer.

Amelox is disrupting the $8 billion stagnant and overpriced textbook market with new technology for the benefit of your kids and their kids. Think of Uber, AirBnB, Tesla Motors, Amazon, PayPal, Netflix, to name just a few. Don’t you wish you had known about these opportunities when they started? The lucky people that act on this message have this opportunity now to get in on the lowest ground level possible. Make it count!

If interested, mark this message as non-spam, then reply to this note and we will send you information about the company and how to participate.  If you don't see it, look into your SPAM- or Junk eMail folders.

For questions and comments please reply to information please in confidence.

Amelox Corporation
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Rolf Seebach, President