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Real Estate Agent

To become a RealEstate agent one has to have a RealEstate agent license issued by the state.  Studying for the course is not difficult, but passing the state license can be time consuming and expensive if that exam has to be repeated.  The pass rate is between 25% and 35%.  Read more.

If your state features vacation resorts that require timeshare sales associates, consider starting that way.  It is the perfect training ground for a RealEstate agent career.

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Founded in 1993, Amelox Incorporated brought out the country’s first digital College Tutor in 1996 that has been upgraded ever since to the latest online interactive textbook technology, cumulating in ‘cloud computing’ in early 2009.  With cloud computing the program resides on the company server, making it unnecessary to download, install, or store anything.  Everything comes down as an Internet Web page, just like this page.  We give you the utmost in user convenience.

The Challenge

Instructors are often RealEstate brokers who do their teaching on-the-side for obtaining customer referrals from students.  People think they are ready, only to find out how little prepared they actually are.

Solutions to the Challenge

1.   Sign up for a RealEstate Principles (or similar) course at a local community college.
Even with the drawbacks it is still the best deal for the money and provides invaluable interaction with other students, students that are in their twenties to fifties to fit right in.  Then, to ace your class and final exam, before class starts, come back to us to . . .

2.   Obtain the College Tutor for RealEstate agent license preparation
The online College Tutor for RealEstate agent license provides an unbeatable combination of class time plus an expert tutor at home to ace the course and pass the RealEstate agent license state exam on the first try.

Make a State selection for    Agent License     or     Broker License   preparation.

With the College Tutor for RealEstate agent license either do your homework, or use it to get ready for the RealEstate agent license state exam.  The College Tutor for RealEstate agent license has more than 1,500 questions with detailed answers.  Unlike competing offerings that give ten “finals”, the College Tutor for RealEstate agent license is broken down into 20 Topics to match any textbook chapter, plus a Final, of course.  Not to get bored, all the RealEstate agent license topics are scrambled.  Each Final is different from the preceding ones for an infinite variety.  All RealEstate math problems are fully worked out and explained line by line.

The College Tutor is a lesson exercise and review vehicle, a private tutor, and a self-assessment tool.

The College Tutor shows 60 beautiful property pictures, inside and out, suitable for Open House ideas.

What if a question was answered correctly by mistake?  A right-click on the mouse explains why it was correct.  During a retake all previous questions answered correctly are skipped.

Type in a word or short phrase and the College Tutor for RealEstate agent license program looks through the entire database and points to the pages where that particular word or phrase can be found.  Another mouse click and that phrase is all yours.

Math and appraisal math questions?  The College Tutor for RealEstate agent license has those too at no extra charge, with completely worked out, line-by-line.


may be printed upon successful completion.  The certificate shows an instructor or broker-employer demonstrated initiative, aptitude, and perseverance in learning RealEstate agent rules and regulations!

Click on this Topics button to see a list of the 20 topics.

The RealEstate College Tutor pulls down just like this Web page.  Download or installation are not required.

Low Internet prices your College Tutor for RealEstate license preparation to get started in only a few minutes.  This is your moment!  Be a winner!

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