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Train your own recruits for extra cash

Train applicants for the California agent exam.
Assure the proficiency of your sales staff.
Check out new agent or broker applicants for their current knowledge and readiness.

Waiting for the right person to appear in your office is not as efficient or rewarding as grooming your own. Now you can train your next super-performer before the competition snatches one away.  A Principles textbook, a few question & answer review sessions, together with the California self-paced online RealEstate license training College Tutor for Agent/Realtor, puts you into the training business. The average person requires 20 to 35 review sessions with the College Tutor. Since we permit 65 sessions the Tutor may be exercised by multiple users. And to find out if the exercise sessions were enough we have a unique Readiness Meter telling your student if the state exam can be passed at this time.

A highly knowledgeable staff is like money in the bank.  That goes for your people (even if they are independent contractors) and for yourself. You owe it to your company to hire the best person currently available to make sure that time-honored but outdated methods, procedures and provisions in the law are effectively discarded and replaced with current law and regulations.

Some of your sales agents and office personnel are with you already for several years? Some work part-time and you only see them when they have a hot prospect? Do they still know about the finer points of the legal aspects and regulations as when they came aboard? You can find out. Easily.

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All RealEstate and appraisal math problems are fully worked out and explained line by line.

Once a year, every licensed person takes a short exam. Not only will you feel more relaxed but your office and sales staff will too when they find out for themselves if and where a refresher effort is needed. This is not the same as taking a Continuing Education (CE) course as required by law. Those courses restrict themselves to one subject at a time. Your online California RealEstate College Tutor based reviews, administered in your office, go much deeper.

The California RealEstate College Tutor pulls down just like this Web page.  No download or installation required.

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