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Founded in 1993, Amelox Incorporated brought out the country’s first digital College Tutor in 1996.  It has been upgraded ever since to the latest online interactive textbook technology, cumulating in ‘cloud computing’ in early 2009.  With cloud computing the program resides on the company server, making it unnecessary to download, install, or store anything.  Everything comes down as an Internet Web page, just like this page.  We give you the utmost in user convenience.

Our Florida RealEstate agent question pool draws on more than 1,000 Florida license questions with detailed answers to be sure that Florida RealEstate laws and regulations are covered.  To be among the 25 to 35 percent of all applicants who pass their Florida license test, excellent preparation is the key word.

The Florida RealEstate agent license exam requires two courses, RealEstate Principles and RealEstate Practices, for a conditional Florida agent license with one other required course (such as Legal Aspects) to be completed later.  The Amelox self-paced online College Tutor for Florida RealEstate agent license covers these three subjects.

The online College Tutor program for Florida RealEstate agent license preparation provides the quickest, easiest way for a thorough license preparation.  The Florida RealEstate agent license preparation interactive program permits going at top speed.  When an answer is missed the correct answer is given, but an explanation is provided as well.  Only the missed questions will be repeated later.

Note: Florida features first-class vacation resorts (including large hotel chains) that require timeshare agents with a Florida RealEstate agent license.  That is a good way to start out in the business because one never has to worry about a daily flow of interested prospects coming in the door.

No RealEstate license school or traveling seminar can claim that they have all their answers tailored just for you.  Watch for misleading cleverly worded ads that appear to promise that an applicant can take the Florida state license exam at the school or over the Internet.  Those are summaries, akin to finals.  Applicants must appear in person at a Florida state testing center to take the exam.

We added these additional Florida agent license topics: Legal Aspects and RealEstate Practices because they are required in Florida.  Also included are Community Property and Title Insurance subjects to understand what other states are doing.

Program contains 60 beautiful property pictures, inside and out, suitable for Open House ideas.

RealEstate math review problems dealing with financing and commissions, and a special section for RealEstate appraisals, are included at no extra charge.  These RealEstate license math problems have been worked out line-by-line; nothing is left to guesswork.

Since the Amelox College Tutor for Florida RealEstate agent license preparation program works so fast this is bonus time on top of a better grade and the money saved.  Because of the intensive, interactive experience (ever fell asleep while being interactively involved with the Internet?), the material is easier and longer retained in memory.  It may also pay to look at the References.

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