Free Exam Generator for Teachers

This exam generator is for distance- as well as in-classroom use in conjunction with its Amelox College Tutor series of courses.  Exams may be administered online and/or offline.  For protection the College Tutor subjects cannot be downloaded as with eBooks, or its pages printed.

You are invited to send in suggestions for additions/changes/deletions at any time for an honorable mention on the front page. These changes can appear in the book within 1 to 2 weeks time; perhaps even during the current semester.

In the online version teacher receives Exam Name and Date&Time of the examination, plus for each student the overall score, plus how each question was answered, color-coded for correct, incorrect, and failed to complete.  That information allows for an adjustment to future classroom sessions.

It takes as little as thirty minutes to prepare a 150-question Final with Answer Key and dual output, ready for printing: One student paper to be duplicated and one copy for yourself with answers marked.  Requires about ten minutes for pop quizzes.  Exam files are encrypted and the online exam process is cheat and tamper resistant.  The online Exam Processor accommodates up to 250 questions for up to 500 students. You set the date, time, and duration.

In the automatic selection mode the Amelox Exam Generator selects all questions at random.  Selection flexibility is afforded by requesting more questions than required and then later quickly deleting any unwanted surplus.

In the manual selection mode a teacher has control over which questions are selected and in which sequence.

The printed output is versatile:

Teachers receive a free copy of our online interactive textbook and the Exam Generator with their class order.