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Authors wanted for Online Interactive Textbooks

As with smart phone apps, we have the publishing platform — you provide the content.  No programming required.

Amelox Corporation, founded in 1993, is a publishing company searching for freelance writers who can create online interactive academic textbooks (eTextbooks) content as per our guidelines. The distinction for our iTextbooks is that they are self-contained and act as textbook, private tutor, and self-assessment tool.  In the homework section, all problem answers are fully explained, as well as why the wrong answers are not correct. Cookbooks and handbooks, of course, would not have a question/answer section.

Today: "2019-08-16T17:03:00+08:00"

Title: free-lance high school Textbook Author


Required: MS or PhD for high school/college courses

        plus 3 to 5 years classroom practice

The College Tutor is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Compensation: US$ per page including QAs, royalties

Offer valid until: "2022-12-30T23:30:00+08:00"

Writers for the following subjects:

Schedule and working hours

You set your own time schedule and working hours.
Time is money.  You are expected to submit new chapters within the agreed upon periods.


You are responsible for your work.  We expect you to complete a started textbook since partially finished work has no value for us.  In order to bring your textbook into circulation as fast as possible, we require you to use your textbook in your own class or school and to present the CollegeTutor with its virtues at teacher conferences.  Shy about it? See the Privacy paragraph below.

Online only. Multi-media Since the College Tutor accepts sound, any graphics, and video there is no limit as to what authors can present to their students with this multi-media environment.

Security For your financial security, eTextbooks have time– and usage limits that protect your investment.  Also, the subject lessons cannot be downloaded as with eBooks, and the pages cannot be printed.

Working hours: You set your own hours.

Job Description  Write what you want.  Amelox manages the administrative-, back office-, and publishing work so that you can focus on doing exactly what you want to do: writing.  In addition to providing writers with flexibility, our editorial staff offers feedback and some help with proofreading.

Privacy Many successful best-seller writers use pen names in their early years, sometimes even several, and you are encouraged to do so as well.  A couple of years later, when you are well established, you can change over to your real name. However, as your publisher we need to know who you are.  Any feedback and comments from students and teachers will be forwarded to you without revealing your identity.

Eligibility 3 to 5 years classroom practice.  With free registration, all you need is an Internet connection and the ability to produce unique content with minimal grammatical and spelling errors.  Amelox takes care of the rest.

Online College Tutor System. Our secure interactive eTextbooks are portable.  They can be played on tablet-, laptop-, desktop computers, or smart phones.  It provides a fast, secure, and economical online training method that is the wave of the educational future.  Whether one wishes to learn a foreign language such as Spanish, how to complete intricate mechanical assemblies, study academic or corporate subjects, or learn military weapons systems, the College Tutor is the unsurpassed vehicle for such tasks.

The College Tutor is an integrated system that serves not only students, but teachers as well.  With this Web-based training opportunity at their disposal, teachers can have virtual classrooms using the lessons in the Amelox College Tutor.  Teachers are able to create exams using the College Tutor databases, which can then be given the regular way with paper and pencil, or securely over the Internet.  The student who is laid up in a hospital can still take the test together with all other students at the appointed time.

The College Tutor online interactive eTextbooks are lesson exercise and review vehicles, private tutors, and self-assessment tools, all in one.  We provide regular textbook chapters that are followed by practice questions and answers.  These answers provide the rationale for why an answer is correct —and why the others are not— for high-intensity but convenient learning.  Enter a short phrase, and instantly paragraphs show up where that phrase is used, similar to a Glossary Of Terms.

The Amelox College Tutor uses Internet technology.  Everything comes down from the Web; nothing resides on a student’s computing device.  There is nothing to download, nothing to install.  Updates and revisions are automatic for the student.

Interested? Send an email with your resume and intended subject.

To send email double-click here: (if it does not show, click on the yellowed security bar at the top to unblock and look at the Taskbar below), or direct your interest and questions to textbooks@amelox.org using the subject line “Writer Inquiry”.

If this is not for you, please forward this opportunity to colleagues.

They will thank you.